Site integrations allow you to integrate your Site into external services to extend with additional functionalities.


Zapier integration allows any user from to receive data (by a trigger every 15 minutes) about new Pilvi Services, Products and (Customer) Profiles.

Currently supported Zapier Triggers for getting Pilvi data are:

  • New Service
  • New Product
  • New Customer Profile

To setup Zapier integration with Pilvi, you need to create a Zapier Zap at, and use Pilvi app in the Zap.

To use the Pilvi Zapier app, you need to provide the following authentication details:

  • Site identifier
  • API key
  • API domain (use the default)

The values for these fields need be created on Pilvi Platform, and copied into Zapier:

To create or check the API key, in Manager

  1. From under the 'System' side menu item, open Zapier Integration page.
  2. Click "Create new Zapier API key" button.
    Existing Zapier API key will be removed and will no longer be valid. A new Zapier API key will be created. Previous integrations between Zapier and Pilvi Platform after creating new Zapier API key will no longer work.
  3. Copy API key and Site identifier into Zapier


Azure AD B2C

For information on how to use Azure AD B2C for authentication, see Managing Pilvi™ - User Authentication and Registration page


Currently supported analytics providers

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Segment

For information on how to enable 3rd party analytics, see Managing Pilvi™ - Analytics page

Marketing Automation


Marketo Javascript API is used for lead association if Marketo Munchkin is loaded (via GTM for ex).