For information on how to use Pilvi™ Platform as a Customer, see Using Pilvi™ - Getting Started

To manage Pilvi Platform, you need to have access to a Seller Profile on the Pilvi Platform Site you intend to manage.

To have access to a Seller Profile, you need to have your own Pilvi Platform Site set up, or you can request access some existing Site as well.

Log in to Manager

You can login to the Platform using your email address and password. You can find the login form from the hover menu in the top right corner.

You can also login via a dedicated login page. Each of the Sections have a login page available from the /login URL path. The login pages differ only in the way the after login redirect takes the user.

  • Shop Section login pilvi-platform-site-address/login redirects the User to Shop front page.
  • Manager Section login pilvi-platform-site-address/manager/login redirects the User to Manager front page.

Switching between sections

After login, you can switch between Shop and Manager Sections from the top of the left side menu.