Referenced as Site

Site, or a website, is a top level object that groups many other objects under it, such as Users and Profiles. Site is associated with a single domain.


Referenced as User

User is a unique end-user with an email address. Users and their email addresses are unique within a Site. User can belong to one or more Profiles and have a different role in each.

User roles

User has a certain role in each Profile that it is connected to. Each role gives specific access rights within an Profile.

Possible roles include

  • Owner. Each Profile may have only one Owner. Owner is responsible for the Profile. Owner has same rights as Admin.
  • Admin. Has full access to the Profile and its Services. Is allowed to make purchases on the Profile.
  • User. Has read-only access to the Profile. May view Services but cannot make changes to them.


Referenced as Profile or Customer or Customer Profile

Profile, is an entity that can

  • purchase Products in the Shop
  • manage bought Products as Services in the Console

Profile may represent a Private person or a Company. Each User has at least one Private Profile.

Profiles are contained within a Site and have one or more Users linked to it.

Seller Profile

Referenced as Seller Profile or Seller

Seller Profile is an Profile with elevated privileges, which allow it to create Products on a Site.

Seller Profile may put Products on sale and receive Orders for these Products.

Seller Profiles have additional capabilities:

  • View Profiles that have bought Products which are owned by the Seller Profile
  • View Services of the Profiles that have bought Products which are owned by the Seller Profile

Seller Profile with Site administration rights

Referenced as Site Administrator

Seller Profiles with Site administration rights have access to additional functionality in the Manager user interface.

Seller Profile that has Site admin access can make changes to the Site and manage other Seller Profile within the Site.

Parts of the Site that Site admin has access include:

  • Design
  • Pages
  • Settings
  • Messaging


Referenced as Product

Products may be created by Seller Profiles. Products are contained within Site. Created Products are available for purchase in the Shop.


Referenced as Service

Services are Product instances that have been ordered. Services are contained within Site.