An Invoice represents a balance amount that you owe to the Seller.

Invoice has one or more Invoice Items that detail the amount of balance that is due for the Services.

Invoices are created for every purchase that involve non-trial products.

Purchases may happen

  • when you create a new Order through the Order channel
  • when a previously bought Service is to be renewed for the next period

When an Invoice is paid, the related Services are activated or renewed.

Paying Invoices

Invoices may be paid in the following ways:

  • During Checkout in the Shop
  • On the Invoice page in Console
  • Automatically by a background process

During Checkout in the Shop

Payment methods: Credit Card, Profile Balance.

If you have enough Profile Balance to cover the expenses of the Invoice in full, the Invoice is paid by consuming your Profile Balance.

On the Invoice page in Console

Payment methods: Credit card.

Automatically by a background process

Payment methods: Recurring payment via Credit Card, Profile Balance.

When an Invoice is created by a background process, your Profile Balance is consumed to reduce the final sum of the Invoice if you have auto-use enabled. You can alter this behaviour per Contract or with the Profile default value.

Overdue Invoices

If Invoice is not paid before the due date, the payment will be made from your Profile Balance if enough balance is available. If the Profile Balance is not enough to pay the Invoice, the Recurring payment method is used if it has been enabled.

In case the Invoice cannot be paid, the Services will be expired and eventually discontinued