You can purchase a Product from the Shop. The checkout process may vary between Products.

Here are the main steps from the start to finish:

  1. Choose the Product from the Stop.
  2. Fill in the details needed for the Product.
  3. Login with with your existing credentials, or enter information for a new Profile.
  4. Make a payment if the Product needs one.
  5. Wait for the Service to be provisioned.

The status of the ordered Services

  • Order received. Waiting activation. The Order for the Service has been received, but the activation is still waiting in the queue or no payment has been received yet.
  • Processing. The Service is being processed. The Service is being provisioned.
  • Ready. The Service has been successfully provisioned and is now ready.
  • Error. The Service provisioned failed. Please contact support to solve the issue.

Products with trial period

When you order a Product that has a trial period, the Product is activated immediately.

If there is non-trial and trial Products on the same Order, the trial Products are activated immediately and the non-trial Products after Invoice of the Order is paid.